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QED Technologies Announces Implementation of Its ASI(R) Metrology System for Aspheres by Leibniz Institute for Surface Modification

ROCHESTER, N.Y., Mar 04, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- QED Technologies, the pioneer and exclusive provider of Magnetorheological Finishing (MRF(R)) and Subaperture Stitching Interferometry (SSI(R)), announces implementation of one of its new Aspheric Stitching Interferometers (ASI(R)) at the Leibniz Institute for Surface Modification (IOM) in Leipzig, Germany. The ASI is the newest in QED's line of full aperture metrology systems. The ASI is capable of measuring steep aspheres with as much as 1000 waves (more than 600 microns) of departure from the best fit sphere. The ASI operates without the use of dedicated null lenses or computer-generated holograms, significantly reducing the cost and lead time for producing aspheres compared to traditional methods. Aspheres are increasingly used in precision optical systems, since the use of aspheres generally results in fewer optical elements, less weight and reduced size, thereby simplifying and reducing the cost of optical systems.

IOM is a leader in its field, with more than 20 years of experience in the development of advanced sub-aperture surface figuring technologies. Recently, IOM has made significant investments in state-of-the-art surface machining and metrology equipment to support its work in surface and thin film modification. The ASI is an important addition to the IOM facility, enabling IOM to develop surface figuring and finishing steps that produce surfaces with accuracies in the nanometer range. The ASI is intended to be used by IOM specifically for precision fabrication and measurement of aspheres.

"At IOM, we put a strong emphasis on collaboration with industry, universities and other research institutes to develop new applications for the optical and semiconductor industries. With its unique performance and advanced features, we see the ASI as a key component to our research and development efforts," said Thomas Arnold, PhD, Leader of the Young Researchers Group of the IOM.

"We are very pleased to have one of our ASIs operational at one of the leading precision engineering centers in Germany", said Marc Tricard, Director of Business Development for QED Technologies. "In addition to IOM's ASI in Europe, our state-of-the-art ASI metrology tools have also been deployed with other customers in Asia and North America. We believe the rapid adoption of our new ASI metrology system by customers worldwide is a testament to how this product satisfies the key performance metrics for the rapidly growing asphere metrology market, from production environment to research institutions. It also reinforces the broad compatibility of our ASI technology with a wide range of finishing technologies to produce some of the finest optical surfaces in the world."


Since it was founded in 1996, QED Technologies, based in Rochester, NY, has built a reputation for producing high quality products based on revolutionary, patented technology, advanced computer numerical control machines and world-class software to provide shop-ready solutions for nearly any precision optics manufacturing need. QED offers state-of-the-art finishing and metrology solutions that are designed to meet the needs of advanced optics manufacturers by increasing production speed and yield while decreasing costs. QED is dedicated to providing revolutionary technical solutions that enable or significantly enhance its customers' capabilities and positively impact their bottom line. QED Technologies is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cabot Microelectronics Corporation (NASDAQ:CCMP). For more information about QED Technologies, visit or contact Robin Townell, Marketing Manager, at (585) 256-6540 ext. 241.


Cabot Microelectronics Corporation, headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, is the world's leading supplier of CMP polishing slurries and growing CMP pad supplier to the semiconductor industry. The company's products play a critical role in the production of advanced semiconductor devices, enabling the manufacture of smaller, faster and more complex devices by its customers. The company's mission is to create value by developing reliable and innovative solutions, through close customer collaboration, that solve today's challenges and help enable tomorrow's technology. Since becoming an independent public company in 2000, the company has grown to approximately 900 employees on a global basis. For more information about Cabot Microelectronics Corporation, visit or contact Amy Ford, Director of Investor Relations at (630) 499-2600.


Leibniz Institute of Surface Modification (IOM) is a state funded institute for R&D of surface and thin film processing in Leipzig, Germany. IOM activities focus on the investigation of interactions of low energetic electrons, ions and plasmas as well as UV radiation with desired materials and solid surfaces from basic research up to co-operative developmental work with other research and industrial partners for the transfer of R&D results into the industrial production sphere. Ultra precision surface finishing by local low energy ion beam figuring and smoothing as well as surface shaping by high rate atmospheric plasma jet assisted chemical etching, respectively, are main fields of surface nanotechnology including the development of special equipment in IOM. For more information about IOM, visit

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